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Orthopedist Consultations, preventive examination or a complete diagnostic for the healthy development of your child from the first days of his life. Cardiologist Consultations, a complete clinical or preventive examination, as well as for treatment, if it is necessary.

Neurologist-pediatrician Consultations, preventive examination,complete diagnostic and problems solution associated with disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

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Periodic neurological assessment and monitoring at any age. Psychologist-psychotherapist Consultations, psychological characteristics of children, counseling for age-related developmental chirurgie réfractive myopie, as well as for family or individual psychotherapy.

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Dermatologist Consultations, preventive examination or a complete diagnostic of children dermatological problems Treatment of microbial skin infections You can also get a full treatment and care Vazuri de baie from a specialist Ophthalmic physiotherapy The Promed Kids Center has an ophthalmic physiotherapy session program that includes digital visual stimulations for vision restoring or to relax eye muscles.

These sessions last chirurgie réfractive myopie 30 minutes and are selected by an ophthalmologist individually for each patient after a thorough diagnostic examination.

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Ultrasound examination Ultrasound for children is a method first used to visualize internal organs This is a safe, non-invasive, non-irradiating imaging method that uses ultrasound to generate an acoustic map that emits organs or tissues in different planes.

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